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Hannah semi-bitter choco bar

Hannah semi-bitter choco bar


Snack or collation.

-Does not contain caffeine.

-Excellent option for children.

-30 gr bar. divided into 4 squares like bites so that it is easy to eat them.

-Gluten free.

-55.8 kcal the complete bar.

-Only 5 grams of sugar per complete bar. Do you want to consume less? Remember that they are bites, instead of eating 4 squares you only consume 2 for example.

-It will give you energy

-Calcium, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E.

-Delicious taste.


-Contains dairy.

Purchase the package of 20 bars to purchase the wholesale price: $16 pesos each

  • Shipping United States

    We have shipping to the United States from $300.00 pesos!

  • Shipping Mexico

    For shipping within Mexico it is $205 pesos

    FREE Shipping over $800 pesos!

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