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Food or Dessert Cost Template

Food or Dessert Cost Template


This cost template in Excel

It will help you to get the real cost of your food or dessert that you are selling. The difference between this template and the product or service template is that it is a little more detailed and includes a section on input yields and losses (Instructions on how to calculate it). This template has detailed Instructions. This template is automated

, you just have to add the data where it tells you to modify and that's it! It also includes an example

for you to guide!


Much success in your business!


Template price in Mexican pesos: $200 pesos

Template price in dollars: $10 dlls approx.


Important: The cost in dollars is only for reference. The prices of the online store are in Mexican pesos.


It can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

Methods of payment Mexico: Credit card, debit card, Paypal, Market payment, Deposit to card or payment in Oxxo.

Payment methods other countries: Credit card, debit card and Paypal.


The template will be sent to the email provided and will be downloadable at the time of payment.


The template can only be used in Microsoft Excel on a computer, tablet or laptop. It is not recommended to use it on mobile.

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