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I love you matcha 0.11 lb

I love you matcha 0.11 lb


Delicious mix of 100% Japanese matcha with 50 grams horchata. Ingredients:

-Japanese Matcha -Horchata (rice powder and stevia) -Cinnamon.-Vanilla.


Benefits: -Digestive -Antioxidant -Help mental concentration -Energizing.


Preparation: While heating your vegetable slurry over low heat, add 2 grams (1 tea spoon) of the mixture and stir until it dissolves. Another way to prepare it is by adding the hot vegetable grout in a blender, see the two grams of the mixture, stir and go! If you want it cold, do the aforementioned and in the end add ice.


Excellent choice for your morning or afternoon as it will give you energy!


It's vegan and sugar free! The 50 gram sachet yields 25 cups.

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